Immigrant Kitchens is a media project run by chef-author, Lindsay Sterling. She asks immigrants she meets in her everyday life for cooking lessons and shares what happens through stories in print, video, radio, online, and live cooking classes.

Photo: Danielle Peterson

After studying creative writing with Julia Alvarez at Middlebury College, Sterling cooked professionally at two of the nation’s top restaurants: Stars in San Francisco and Fore Street in Portland, Maine. In 2008 she launched a newspaper column, website, and cooking class series, Immigrant Kitchens, exploring and sharing her love for authentic cooking from around the world. Her writing has appeared in the New York Times, National Geographic Traveler, Gourmet Magazine, and the Portland PhoenixShe lives in Maine with her husband and two kids.




To learn how to cook a favorite dish from a native of every country in the world, and share the recipes and stories.


To celebrate people of diverse races, ethnicities, religions, classes, and nationalities for their extraordinary cooking and cultural knowledge, and perspectives on American life and the world.