Immigrant Kitchens in the Schools

Immigrant Kitchens helped Freeport High School Freshman Global Studies Class cook an authentic Sudanese meal as part of its fundraising event: Dinner for Darfur. The event raised awareness about the ongoing genocide and $1000 that the students donated to Fur Cultural Revival.

Immigrant Kitchens worked with the Freeport High School Interact Club to put on a fundraising dinner to support their efforts to install water filters in villages without clean water in the Dominican Republic. The event, including an authentic Dominican meal, raised $1100 to help pay for their trip.

Immigrant Kitchens taught the students in the Portland High School Global Studies Certificate Program how to make a traditional Dominican lunch called La Bandera. In a 90 minute class, students cooked beans and rice with adobo seasoning, onion, green pepper and cilantro. They also learned how to turn green plantains into tostones.