Immigrant Kitchens in the Schools

Immigrant Kitchens works with schools in Greater Portland, Maine, to provide hands-on learning opportunities that allow students to interact with world cultures, learn firsthand about modern world history, and learn to cook. 

Immigrant Kitchens lead a Freeport High School Freshman Global Studies Class to cook an authentic Sudanese meal as part of its fundraising event: Dinner for Darfur. The event raised awareness about the ongoing genocide. The dinner raised $1000 that the students donated to Fur Cultural Revival.

Immigrant Kitchens helped another group, the Freeport High School Interact Club, put on a fundraising dinner to support their efforts to install water filters in villages without clean water in the Dominican Republic. Immigrant Kitchens lead students in cooking and serving an authentic Dominican meal, which raised $1100 to help pay for their trip to the Dominican Republic.

Immigrant Kitchens taught the students in the Portland High School Global Studies Certificate Program how to make a traditional Dominican lunch called La Bandera. In a 90 minute class, students cooked beans and rice with adobo seasoning, onion, green pepper and cilantro. They also learned how to turn green plantains into tostones.

Immigrant Kitchens provided a cooking and culture lab for a freshman class at University of Southern Maine. In the class, students learned first-hand from an Eritrean immigrant about the dire conditions he experienced in Eritrea, about the extraordinary gift that is the U.S. Constitution (his homeland didn't have a constitution), and how to cook his three favorite Eritrean sauces and flatbread (injera). 

Chef Sterling joined chefs from David's, European Bakery, 555, and the Windham school district, in a panel discussion at Southern Maine Culinary College about careers in the culinary field. 

As a guest speaker at Southern Maine Community College's Dietetic Seminar, Chef Sterling of Immigrant Kitchens shared stories about how she meets immigrants from all of the world, her process of writing and refining recipes for publication, and an overview of favorite foods and stories she's discovered along the way.